Global Consortium for Chemosensory Research (GCCR)

Invite to participate in the Global Consortium for Chemosensory Research (GCCR)


A growing number of reports show that significant numbers of patients with diagnosed COVID-19 developed smell and taste symptoms, often in the absence of other symptoms.


To understand reports of chemosensory issues related to COVID-19, the Global Consortium for Chemosensory Research (GCCR) has been created. In the span of a few days, we have grown into a group of ~250 members (as of now!).


The short-term goals are to define and coordinate world-wide crowdsourced research to understand the reports of the chemosensory issues related to COVID-19. Subsequently, the establishment of this consortium will foster the advancement of chemosensory science at large, allowing the possibility to test larger samples of participants cross-culturally, strengthening the reliability and validity of chemosensory science across many domains.


We reach out to the community of chemosensory enthusiasts at large and invite you to join this shared effort, if interested.


To become a member, sign the following agreement: GCCR agreement and work in concert with the leadership team and a country group to allow for translation of relevant materials and experimental tools for your local communities.


If you want to be updated on the #GCCR in real time, please follow us on Twitter:  @GCChemosensoryR and on facebook where those with COVID-19 related smell or taste loss are meeting to share their stories with one another. Website coming soon!


We are thrilled to see that scientists, clinicians, patient advocates and community partners are joining efforts enthusiastically, quickly and collaboratively to shed light on the chemosensory aspects of this pandemic.


Wish you all to be safe and well in these uncertain times.

Looking forward to seeing you join the GCCR.


Best regards,


Valentina Parma, PhD, Temple University, USA

On behalf of the GCCR Leadership Team


John Hayes, PhD, Penn State, USA

Thomas Hummel, MD, Technische Universität Dresden, Germany

Chrissi Kelly, Founder, , UK

Steve Munger, PhD, University of Florida, USA

Masha Niv, PhD, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Kathrin Ohla, PhD, Research Center Jülich, Germany

Danielle Reed, PhD, Monell Chemical Senses Center, USA

Maria Veldhuizen, PhD, Mersin University, Turkey