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The European Chemoreception Research Organization (ECRO) promotes fundamental and applied research in chemosensory science especially olfaction and taste in vertebrates and invertebrates. ECRO organizes an annual congress to that end. ECRO is financed by individual member subscriptions and by donations from industry and research institutions. To facilitate participation of younger scientists ECRO supports travel grants for students. We invite your applications for grants. ECRO also financially supports the organization of scientific meetings in the field of Olfaction and Taste.


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to our previous board members, ECRO 2018 program chairs & ECRO 2018 local hosts:

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Prof.Dr. Krishna Persaud

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Dr. Didier Trotier



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(2016 - 2018),

ECRO 2018 Program Chair 

Prof.Dr. Wolfgang


ECRO 2018

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Prof.Dr. Frank Zufall

ECRO 2018

Local Host


Prof.Dr. Ricarda Scheiner 

ECRO 2018

Local Host


Prof.Dr. Wolfgang Rössler


ECRO has started a public information initiative to communicate knowledge regarding taste and smell to patients as well as industry. New links/connections will be initially shared on our Home page and will eventually move to the Tab Outreach.


Giract - PhD Flavor Research Programme 2018/2019Best PhD Thesis Award (5000 Euro) and 6 bursaries for 1st year PhD students (3000 Euro each). The programm aims to raise the profile of flavor science in Europe by encouraging students of differing scientific disciplines to engage in innovating flavor-related research PhD projects and thus to advance the exciting and challenging field of flavor science. For more information download the file: Road Map for Flavor Research Programme

- Extended Application Deadline: November 30, 2018

Rosemarie Pangborn Sensory Science Scholarship: One $15,000 Sensory Science Scholarship will be awarded for the 2018-2019 academic year to support a Ph.D. student who intends to teach and conduct research in the area of sensory science at the University level. This scholarship is awarded in honor of the memory of Professor Rose Marie Pangborn, who initiated the scholarship fund to encourage the education of Sensory Scientists intending to pursue academic careers. 

Jobs for chemosensory scientists:

  • Assistant Professor in Sensory and Consumer Sciences at University of California, Davis, USA.

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ECRO 2018 in Würzburg, Germany – for some more photo impressions follow link