Description of ECRO Board Member Position

The ECRO Board is composed of a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 8 members (Art. 7 Constitution). Every two years prior to the General Assembly the following new Board members are elected: President-Elect, General Secretary, Executive Secretary/Treasurer and one Councillor. During the first meeting of the new Board additional co-opted members (max. 2 persons) are chosen according to the needs of the Society. These positions are the Junior Councillor and an Advisor.

  • A French representative needs to be part of the ECRO Board due to ECRO’s official seat in France. This representative manages contacts with the Préfecture de Police de Paris, Collége de France and is the contact with the Society’s Bank in close association with the Treasurer.
  • No more than 2 members can be of the same nationality (Art. 7 Constitution).
  • Gender balance must be taken into account.



The President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Society and shall preside at all business meetings of the Society. The President shall be responsible for implementing the decisions, policies and resolutions and the financial aspects of the Society. The President shall be the official spokesperson for the Society, a duty which (s)he may delegate as the occasion demands.

Task: Chair of ECRO Board, Primary contact for ECRO, Co-Chair on all Committees, Member of ICOT committee.



Serve as consultant to the President and as the “corporate memory” of ECRO through service on the Board; implement and coordinate the process of electing new officers.

Initiate election process; oversee election, in conjunction with the General Secretary; develop Call for Officer Nominations; send via broadcast email to members, in conjunction with the General Secretary; (confirm candidates, inform of duties if elected, collect bio sketches). Task: Chair Election Committee; Represent ECRO in absence of the President, Member of ICOT committee.


President-Elect (elected member)

The President-Elect shall assist the President. The President-Elect shall Chair the Awards Committee. In the absence of both the President and Past-President, the President-Elect shall preside over business meetings of the Society. Task: Chair Awards Committee; prepare to become the President of the Society and afterwards the Past-President, Member of ICOT committee.


General Secretary (elected member)

The Secretary shall record the proceedings of the Business Meetings and all other meetings, which may be specially convened. It shall be the responsibility of the Secretary to oversee preparation of the minutes of these meetings and have them distributed to the Society's membership. The Secretary shall carry on whatever correspondence the Board deems necessary. Together with the President, (s)he shall oversee the website, circulation of notices and newsletters. Task: Oversee a record of all decisions made by the Board, Website, Newsletter.


Executive Secretary & Treasurer (elected member)

The Treasurer shall be responsible for the financial affairs of the Society. (S)he shall oversee full and accurate accounting of all disbursements and receipts of the Society. (S)he shall be able to give an account of the financial transactions and financial status of the Society when requested to do so by the Board, and (s)he shall make a full financial report to the members of the Society at the business meeting (General Assembly). The Treasurer shall have signatory powers and shall oversee the development of an annual budget. Task: ECRO finances.


Councillor (elected member)

The Councillor shall participate and vote in the Executive Committee's deliberations and shall oversee awards as assigned by the Board. (S)he shall oversee as Co-Chair of the Awards Committee. In addition, the councilor will try to activate outreach events to students and the public at the Annual Meeting. Task: Co-Chair Awards Committee, Chair of Mentoring & Networking Committee.


Councillor - French Representative (co-opted member by the Board)

The Councillor - French Representative shall participate and vote in the Executive Committee's deliberations. 


Advisor (co-opted member by the Board)

Dependent on the need of the ECRO Board, an additional member will be co-opted by the Board. Task: Participate as advisor to the Board; serve at the pleasure of the President on special projects.


Program Chair

The Program Chair plans and executes the scientific content of the Annual Meeting. Finances for the meeting has to come from registrations costs and sponsorships. In the interest of the Society, the Board will help in securing sponsors for the scientific meeting. (S)he shall keep the Board updated on the meeting activities. The program chair is therefore invited to take part in the board meetings. Task: Organizing annual meeting and its finances.

ECRO grant committee: Thomas Hummel, Stefan Fuss, Ivan Manzini, Scott McGrane

ECRO2019 sponsorship committee: Trese Leinders-Zufall, Thomas Hummel, Anna Menini

Annual Report / Website: Stefan Fuss, Trese Leinders-Zufall