ECRO Board

Current Board Members:


(2016 - 2018)

Dr. Peter Brennan


President Elect

(2016 - 2018)

Prof.Dr. Trese


General Secretary


Dr. Didier Trotier


Past President

(2016 - 2018),

Program Chair 2018

Prof.Dr. Wolfgang



Executive Secretary

& Treasurer

Prof.Dr. Krishna Persaud

Program Chair 2018

Prof.Dr. Frank Zufall



Elected Member


Dr. Stefan Fuss

Co-opted Member


Dr. Marika Kapsimali


ECRO board meeting at CIPMM in Homburg, Germany (March 2018)

Previous Board Members:

We would like to thank our previous board members for their valuable contributions over the years.

Prof.Dr. Anna Menini

Still under construction....


more info will be provided.