Society Sponsors & Donors -- THANK YOU

We want to take a moment to thank and recognise sponsors of our Society.

Please support ISOT 2024

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We would be very grateful if you could consider to support ISOT 2024.

Specifically, we are requesting financial support for the attendance of early-career scientists and participation of researchers from underrepresented parts of the world. 

In addition, we look for financial support to help defray the general costs of conference organization and to cover travel and accommodation for invited keynote speakers.


Please follow the link for more information. Thank you.

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Polak Foundation

From autumn 2004 until 2019, Ernest and Ghislaine Polak made a large endowment to ECRO and AChemS, established as "The  Elsje Werner-Polak Memorial Fund in memory of our niece, gassed by the Nazis in 1944 at age 7." The annual income from this endowment is distributed to AChemS and ECRO to support young scientist (see more ...).

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