ISOT 2024 sponsorships

Please support ISOT 2024

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We would be very grateful if you could consider to support ISOT 2024.

Specifically, we are requesting financial support for the attendance of early-career scientists and participation of researchers from underrepresented parts of the world. 

In addition, we look for financial support to help defray the general costs of conference organization and to cover travel and accommodation for invited keynote speakers.


Please follow the link for more information. Thank you.

ECRO sponsorships

The European Chemoreception Research Organization (ECRO) invites industrial sponsorship and private donations to support science and research in the field of chemosensation. ECRO will use your sponsorship funds to support active research, to increase the mobility of early career scientists, and to facilitate interaction of smell and taste researchers through the organization of conferences, workshops, and training courses.

Conference Support

ECRO hosts an annual conference in the fall of each year at changing locations across Europe. Funds provided under the conference support scheme will be used to subsidize the conference (see also current and previous support: Sponsors & Donors), to cover travel expenses for invited keynote conference speakers, and to provide travel support for early career researchers at PhD and postdoctoral level.


ECRO Sponsorship Packages

Download Prospectus / Flyer


Becoming actively involved in ECRO activities will give you the opportunity to:

  • interact with more than 200 conference attendees;
  • meet expert scientists, students, and industry investigators;
  • discuss with top-tier international scientists in the field of smell and taste research;
  • get informed about recent developments in chemosensory research;
  • learn about break-through scientific discoveries before they are published;
  • network with scientists and industry partners working on smell and taste;
  • recruit students, postdocs, employees, experts, or collaboration partners.

A variety of flexible sponsorship options are available and ECRO partners can adopt sponsorship for a full conference symposium, host selected Keynote conference talks, or subsidize travel grants for early career scientists.


In return for your sponsorship ECRO offers the following opportunities:

  • named symposium (e.g. "your company name"- Symposium);
  • full screen slide with company logo and acknowledgement (to be displayed during the conference);
  • on site advertisement poster and signage;
  • tradeshow booth at the conference site;
  • acknowledgement and publication of your logo in the conference program;
  • advertisement of your company profile and logo in the abstract booklet;
  • sponsorship posting on conference website with company logo and link;
  • sponsorship posting on ECRO website with company logo and link.

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