Organizations benefiting smell and taste patients

We are collecting links to help and support people affected by smell and taste-related disorders. ECRO would therefore appreciate it if you can make us aware of any organization benefiting patients within Europe or the rest of the world. Contact.


What is the world like without a sense of smell? Filmmaker Jacob LaMendola interviewed a handful of people with anosmia, a condition that makes them unable to perceive odors.

The short film was selected by National Geographic editors: 'The interviews are paired with striking visuals that evoke some of the strong smells—both good and bad—that surround us every day. Exploring the richness and depth that smell brings to our lives, the film is a good reminder to always stop and smell the roses.'

A small collection of interesting written documentations concerning the ability to smell:

Fifth Sense (United Kingdom) exists to provide support and advice to people affected by smell and taste-related disorders, and so that society can understand what it means to suffer impairment of one or both of these senses.

Based in the UK, we support people across the world, and are the first charity providing direct support, advice, and a signpost to potential diagnosis and treatment.

Fifth Sense’s strategy for achieving our goals is to address the lack of understanding within society of the role that the senses of smell and taste play in our lives, which is a major reason for the lack of the appreciation of the impact that disorders of these senses can have on sufferers.

Interdisciplinary Center for Smell and Taste (Interdisziplinäres Zentrum für Riechen und Schmecken, Dresden, Germany). This center is part of a university clinic. They provide information and support for patients affected by smell and taste-related disorders. The site is mainly in German, but has also some information in English (Diagnostics, Therapy, Registration).

UF Health Smell Disorder Program (USA): Smell disorders are also hugely impactful for both the health and quality of life of those affected. Even so, few resources exist to provide those living with a smell disorder with expert medical care, credible information and the support they need.

The UF Health Smell Disorders Program brings together the scientific knowledge of the University of Florida Center for Smell and Taste and the medical expertise of the University of Florida Department of Otolaryngology to do just that. This partnership between UF’s chemosensory scientists and our knowledgeable and caring doctors has created a unique program of clinical and educational support for people with the loss or impairment of their sense of smell.