World Taste and Smell Day

What can be done during the World Smell and Taste day?


  • Visit our website ( and sign up to become part of the community of people celebrating taste and smell
  • Submit an entry to the World Exhibition on Taste and Smell: An Exploratorium of the Joy and Science of Flavor and Scent. The Exploratorium will include expressions in all media that celebrate either a personally remarkable taste experience or the emotions or memories evoked by a particular smell. How you do so is up to you —video, photograph, recipe, research paper, perfume rave, personal essay or podcast — we want your personal spin. We ask that you tag it with #TasteandSmellDay when you share it on social media. Submit your piece here. 
  • Join us via Zoom for the global launch ceremony on September 14 at 7 AM EST.  Please use this link to sign up in advance. Participants from around the world will hear from a group of panelists about why we should celebrate taste and smell on September 14th and every day! Registration is limited; please sign up in advance. 
  • Share this email with your network of taste and smell appreciators to help build the momentum. 


We hope  to achieve our vision of a world where taste and smell are widely appreciated by the general public as critically important to our daily lives, happiness, health and well-being.




Valentina Parma and Jennifer Trachtman

on behalf of the World Taste and Smell Day steering committee:

Oghogho Braimah, Jingguo Chen, Stephanie Feuer, Thomas Hummel, Sachiko Koyama, Karen Kreeger, Michelle Niedziela, Masha Niv, Valentina Parma, Jenifer Trachtman, Mindy Yang.


Sponsored by :

Perfumarie, Inc., Young Living, and ECRO, HCD, RIFM