Travel - how to get there?

Getting to Nijmegen


By train:

Nijmegen is connected to the Dutch intercity railway system, and relatively easy to get to by train (via Amsterdam or Arnhem) from many European capitals and major cities. Have a look at or the international public transportation service of your choice. We encourage everyone to consider coming by train.


By airplane:

Schiphol international airport has direct flights to many parts of the world. Direct intercity trains to Nijmegen Central Station from Schiphol Airport depart frequently (direct: 2x an hour during daytime; with 1 change: also 2 times an hour with an easy change at Utrecht Central Station), and take about 90 minutes (see for specific public transport advice to and from the conference venue).

Nijmegen is also close by Weeze International airport in Germany, although the connection between Weeze airport and Nijmegen central station is not convenient by public transport. A (shared) taxi may be an option.  

Getting around in Nijmegen


Public transport in Nijmegen is well organized, with a fine-grained bus system, and a few train stations around town.


It is easy to commute from Nijmegen central station to Nijmegen Lent, the train station next to the conference venue. Trains depart frequently, and there are a number of fast connecting bus lines as well (see https:// for specific public transport advice to and from the conference venue).


Getting around by bike is also possible – Nijmegen is very bike friendly. The conference venue has a number of rental (electric) bikes, and there are various bicycle shops in town that also rent out bikes. It is also possible to rent a basic bike at the central station, called ‘OV-fiets’ (‘public transport bike’). See for more information.