Call for Symposia, Workshops, and Meeting Events

Deadline for submission is 28 February 2023

The Organizing Committee invites you to submit proposals for symposia at ECRO 2023. ECRO 2023 will take place in beautiful historic Nijmegen, the Netherlands, and is themed ‘Diverse flavors’. ECRO 2023 aims to bring together world-renowned experts in chemoreceptive sciences to discuss the latest developments and drive scientific knowledge forward. We meet to inspire, and be inspired by, today’s and future leaders in chemosensation.


Symposia are the major forum for oral presentations on the latest developments in areas of significance to the broader chemoreception research community. They also introduce new or provocative ideas, technical innovations and growth areas for interdisciplinary or translational science.

In line with this year’s theme, the organizing committee is making an effort to include diversity in topics, sensory modality and model systems, diversity in speakers and organizers, etc.


In addition to an exciting scientific program, we invite you to submit proposals for workshops or other meeting events, relevant to the broad ECRO society. These may include, but are not limited to, hands-on training sessions, career or networking events, best (or worst) practices, debate. Workshops and events can be up to 1 hour in length.


Submissions must include:

      i.          Symposium (or workshop) Title.

     ii.          Names and affiliations of 1-2 symposium or workshop chair(s). 

    iii.          A one paragraph synopsis of the symposium or workshop theme (3-7 lines).

   iv.          For symposia: The names, affiliations and tentative talk titles for the 4-5 confirmed speakers. For workshops: the names and affiliations of other main participants.

     v.          One paragraph that highlights how the proposed symposium or workshop meets the review criteria below.


Each symposium will last 120 minutes and will include 4-5 speakers, including at least one junior scientist. There should be only one scientist speaking per laboratory. The participation of all speakers must be confirmed prior to the submission of the proposal. Separate abstract submission will be required for all chairs and authors.


Submit by clicking here or using the blue button 'submit proposal ECRO 2023' (see above).


Review criteria

1. Quality: Submissions should be of high scientific quality and relevant for the ECRO society.

Priority will be given to newly emerging fields in chemosensation.

2. Diversity: Inclusion of speakers from diverse backgrounds (discipline, social race/ethnicity, gender, location, religion, LGBTQIA+  identity, disability, institution, career stage, and other underrepresented and/or historically disadvantaged identities) is warmly suggested and will be prioritized. 



Symposia chair(s) will be notified of the Program Committee's decision.

Deadline for submission is 28 February 2023.



On behalf of the ECRO 2023 organizing committee

Sanne Boesveldt

Ilja Croijmans

Jasper de Groot

Joost Maier

Jocelijn Meijerink

Laura Speed

Maria Veldhuizen