The conference is planned as an in-person meeting.

XXXII ECRO 2022 — COVID policy


Official rules

We are bound to the official rules for public events in the state of Berlin (link in German). These rules are constantly adapted to the current situation and subject to change. Currently, they entail: 


     ●  Wearing a face mask is mandatory in public transport. You will need an FFP2 or N95 mask. This also           applies to your flight to Germany. 

     ●  There is no mask mandate at the event, in restaurants, bars, etc.

     ●  There is no requirement for self-testing. However, if you do test positive, self-isolation is mandatory. 


In case of a positive self-administered lateral flow test, there is a requirement to obtain confirmation of the positive result from a certified test provider (see this map). Bring your positive lateral flow test to qualify for a discount in testing fees. Self-isolation normally ends after ten days. However, you can end it after 5 days when symptom-free for 48 hours and testing negative. 

Additional rules may apply when you enter Germany from another country. Please check with your travel provider and your government. Authoritative information is available online.


Our recommendations for the event

The organising committee cannot, and will not, police adherence to COVID rules. We trust in common sense among our scientific community to make sensible decisions regarding COVID and any risk for yourself and others. The following recommendations are provided in the interest of all conference participants.


Hygiene measures

     ●  Wash hands frequently.

     ●  Consider wearing a mask in situations where you cannot keep 1.5m distance to others. We will keep           a limited stock of face masks at the reception desk, but it is recommended you bring your own.


When you develop symptoms

     ●  Get tested in case you develop any symptoms like e.g. fever, cough, sneezing, itching eyes, loss of             smell. Self-administered lateral flow tests are available for 2-5 € in every pharmacy, drug store, and             many supermarkets. Alternatively, you can get tested at one of the many testing providers (see map             linked above). Fees will apply. 

     ●  Upon testing positive, please do not attend the conference. There is a legal requirement to obtain a             certified test and self-isolate. 

     ●  Consider staying away from the conference when experiencing symptoms even when testing                       negative. COVID is not the only disease that is worth avoiding passing on in your community.

     ●  We recommend using the “Corona-Warn” app on your phone. It anonymously warns about contacts             who tested positive. Upon a positive test you should enter the result in the app and it will warn other             users that were in proximity with you. It will also warn you when you were in proximity of someone               who later tested positive. 

     ●  The conference team cannot and will not track who tested positive during the conference.