ECRO XXXII - Call for Symposia

General Information

The Organizing Committee invites you to submit proposals for Symposia at ECRO 2022. The conference will take place in Berlin-Dahlem, Germany. 


ECRO 2022 aims to bring together world-renowned experts in chemosensory sciences and related areas to discuss the latest developments and drive scientific knowledge forward. We meet to inspire, and be inspired by today’s leaders in chemosensation. 



Symposia Criteria

1.  Topics: All fields of chemosensation and related areas.

2.   Diversity: Inclusion of speakers from diverse backgrounds (disciplines, model systems, geographical areas, demographics, abilities, …)  is warmly suggested and will be prioritized. 

3.   Composition: Each symposium will last 120 minutes and will include 4-5 speakers, including at least one early career scientist (see Typical Symposium Format below).

4.   Evaluation and acceptance: Symposia proposal will be evaluated based on  relevance, timeliness, diversity, and composition. 


Submission must include

             i.    Symposium Title.

         ii.   Names and affiliations of 1-2 symposium chair(s). 

         iii.  A one-paragraph synopsis of the symposium theme (3-7 lines).

         iv.  The names, affiliations, and tentative talk titles for the 4-5 confirmed speakers.

         v.   One paragraph that highlights how the proposed symposium meets the review criteria above.


Submission deadline: Friday, April 15th, 2022.


Please send Symposia proposals to



Typical Symposium Format

Symposia will follow a standard format. Symposia will be 120 min in length. They include a chair person and typically have 4 speakers or 3 main speakers and two short presentations. Participation of early career scientists is encouraged. There should be only one scientist speaking per laboratory. Separate abstract submission will be required for all chairs and speakers.


The participation of all speakers must be confirmed prior to the submission of the proposal.


Presentation                Speaker                          Duration

Introduction                  Symposium Chair(s)         2-5 min

Full talk                         1st speaker                      20 min + 5 min Q&A

Full talk                         2nd speaker                     20 min + 5 min Q&A

Full talk                         3rd speaker                      20 min + 5 min Q&A

Full talk                         4th speaker                      20 min + 5 min Q&A


Short presentation        4th speaker                      15 min + 2.5 min Q&A

Short presentation        5th speaker                      15 min + 2.5 min Q&A

Outro/Conclusion          Symposium Chair(s)        2-5 min




Symposia chair(s) will be notified of the Organizing Committee's decision.