ECRO XXXI - Program

Downloadable PDF of program-at-a-glance

We are delighted to present the following keynote speakers:


· Linda Buck, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, USA

30 years of olfactory receptors” 


· Charles Zuker, Columbia University, USA

20 years of taste receptors


· Sandeep Robert Datta, Harvard Medical School, USA

Using sensation to inform action


· José Avillez, Belcanto Restaurant, Portugal


ECRO 2021 speakers:


Social chemosignaling (presymposium)

Chairs: Valentina Parma, Sandra Soares

Speakers: Nuno Gomes, Jasper de Groot, Filipa Barros, Jitka Fialová


Nutrition (presymposium)

Chairs: Sanne Boesveldt

Speakers: David Garcia-Burgos, Camilla Cattaneo, Carlos Ribeiro, Francisca Noya-Leal, Elsa Lamy


I. Where we came from... 50 years of ECRO

Chair: Annick Faurion

Speakers: Linda Buck, Chales Zuker


II. Spatial transcriptomic insight into olfactory function

Chairs: Paul Greer

Speakers: Alexander Fleischmann, Hiro Matsunami, Antonio Scialdone, Paul Greer/I-Hao Wang


III. Chemosensory modulation of feeding behaviors

Chairs: Emre Yaksi, Nilay Yapici

Speakers: Piali Sengupta, Nilay Yapici, Nao Horio, Emre Yaksi


Special Lecture

Chef José Avillez


IV. Chosen from abstract submissions

Chairs: Maya Kaelberer, Diogo Manoel


V. Combining technologies to elucidate taste mysteries

Chairs: Masha Niv, Ricarda Scheiner

Speakers: Laura Degirmenci/Ricarda Scheiner, Daniel Münch, Kype Palmer, Yaron Ben-Shoshan Galeczki/Masha Niv


VI. Regeneration of olfactory and taste cells

Chairs: Peihua Jiang, Bradley Goldstein

Speakers: James Schwob, Linda Barlow, Bradley Goldstein, Akihito Kuboki


VII. Taste and nutrient sensing: from bench to bedside, in health and disease

Chairs: Albino Oliveira Maia

Speakers: Monica Dus, Amber L. Alhadeff, Sonja T Yokum, Gabriela Ribeiro


VIII. Gastronauts

Chairs: Diego Bohórquez

Speakers: Marcelo Dietrich, Melanie Kaelberer, Arthur Beyder, Silvia Conde


Keynote Lecture

Speaker: Sandeep Robert Datta


IX. ECRO Young Investigators

Chairs: Luis Saraiva, Ana Domingos

Speakers: tba


X. Intra- and interspecific olfactory signaling in insects

Chairs: Silke Sachse, Bill Hansson

Speakers: Olena Riabinina, Jean-Christophe Billeter, Maria Luisa Vasconcelos, Silke Sachse, Bill S. Hansson,


XI. Mind the gap: whatever happened to odour cognition?

Chairs: Monique Smeets, Ilja Croijmans, Laura Speed

Speakers: Laura Speed, Rachelle de Vries, Ilja Croijmans, Qian Janice Wang


XII. What is what? Innovative methods to diagnose smell and taste disorders

Chairs: Elbrich M. Postma

Speakers: David Tianxiang Liu, Cagdas Guducu, Danielle Reed, Cécilia Tremblay  


XIII. Can chemosensory perception be represented in a single connectome?

Chairs: Cinzia Cecchetto, Florian Fischmeister

Speakers: Wen Li, Bob Pellegrino, Behzad Iravani, Renee Hartig


XIV. Chemosenses beyond science: How the humanities and social sciences can inform science

Chairs: Laura Speed

Speakers: David Howes, Gabriella M. Petrick, Ishita Dey, Daniel Normark, Lauryn Mannigel, 


XV. ECRO in 50 years

Speakers: Ann-Sophie Barwich