Where to go?

An incomplete list of restaurants.

A range of colorful restaurants can be found in the “Neustadt” district, very close to the city center, at the Alaunstrasse or at the Louisenstrasse. There are many restaurants in walking distance to each other.


A range of interesting places can be found in the “Weisse Gasse” which is right in the city center, close to the Kreuzkirche.


German Schillergarten: close to the bridge “Blaues Wunder”; great beer garden! Basic, hearty food!

address: Schillerplatz 9; phone +49 351 81199 - 0


Café/bar Café Schwarzmarkt; close to city center; great cakes!

address: Hauptstrasse 36; phone +49 351 8 01 08 33


Italian La Villetta: close to University Clinic;

Straight-forward Italian cuisine!

Address:  Augsburger Straße 43; +49 351 phone 31599-0


International Alte Meister: close to city center;

great food!

address: Theaterplatz 1; phone +49 351 4810426