ECRO Mentorship Program

Pursuing neuroscience as a student can be confusing. Senior scientists in the field of the chemical senses will be paired with undergraduate or graduate students/researchers to establish a connection that may help to bridge connections, facilitate career development, communicate, and to find out what you want. Or just to have a good time talking to each other during the ECRO meeting.


The basic idea is to bring a mentee and a mentor together, put them in a room and have them talk to each other for up to one hour. And then go from there.
Mentorship pairs would be matched based on their research interests.
Required Application Materials for both Mentors and Mentees:

  • CV
  • Short statement of interest including areas of interest in the chemical senses (see below), and, if possible, a sentence or two indicating what you are hoping to gain from this program.

Mentees and Mentors would be matched by the ECRO program committee; the CVs and statements of interests would then be made available to mentor and mentee. The Committee would then suggest a time and place (a reserved room within the conference facilities) where mentor and mentee could meet, and of course, the committee would help in any questions related to that.


Application deadline:  August 15, 2020


Please indicate your areas of interest in the chemical senses:



olfaction / gustation / trigeminal / vomeronasal / other



clinical / electrophysiology / cellular / genetic / molecular / psychophysics / imaging / behavior / biochemistry / anatomy / in silico / human & social sciences / other



human / mouse / cells / invertebrates / insects / fish / others


Please send your application to Prof. Dr. Antje Haehner,