ECRO 2019 - Scientific Program 

Downloadable PDF of program-at-a-glance

The program and the abstract book can be downloaded at the home page of the meeting.

We are delighted to present the following plenary speakers:


· Jonathan Beauchamp, Freising, Germany

To Mars and back - with added flavour”


· Linda Buck, Seattle, USA

Deconstructing smell


· Nirupa Chaudhari, Miami, USA

Single cell transcriptomics reveals the diversity of gustatory afferent neurons


· Emily Liman, Los Angeles, USA

Otop1: a proton channel for sour taste transduction


· Silke Sachse, Jena, Germany

Olfactory maps, circuits and behaviors of Drosophila


· Lisa Stowers, San Diego, USA

Leveraging olfaction to study social behavior in the mouse


Symposia at the ECRO 2019 annual meeting:


Ectopic chemosensory receptors, from their physiology to pharmacology

Chairs: Michele Dibattista, Antonella Di Pizio


Sweet taste receptors and appetite/weight regulation

Chairs: David Garcia-Burgos, Milagros Gallo


Narrowing olfactory spaces and the combinatorial receptor codes for odors

Chair: Jonathan D. Bohbot


Temporal dynamics in olfaction

Chairs: Andreas Schäfer, Michael Schmuker


Sensory perception of food: genes, food choices and health

Chair: Paolo Gasparini


Olfactory information processing in higher brain regions

Chair: Emre Yaksi


Recent developments and emerging principles in central odor coding

Chairs: Dmitry Rinberg, Kevin Franks


Advances in coffee flavour: perception, physiology and cognition

Chair: Furio Suggi Liverani


Olfactory memory: its role and way of functioning in human life

Chairs: Julian DelaRue


Olfactory loss – the clinical perspective

Chair: Thomas Hummel


Presentations by ECRO Young Investigators


Presentations chosen from abstract submissions