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Würzburg - it's all about the name:


The first settlement was named 'Uburzis'. According to language historians the name combined two words, namely 'Wurzi' for 'Uburzi' and the ending 's' for the German word 'burg', which means castle/fortress/city.


The word 'Wurzi' 'Wirce' or 'Würze' have been used for the settlement and all mean herb or spice. The Latin form of the city (11th century) was Herbipolis (polis is the Latin word for city). So, very appropriately for our ECRO congress we will meet in the city of herbs.


As usual, not all historians agree with this idea. The old name 'wirc' or 'wirt' could be linked to the Celtic word 'werz' which means virgin. It is thus speculated that the name could be referring to a Celtic goddess. Similarly, the name could be linked to the Celtic word 'uird' for hill or 'virt' with the meaning virtue, manliness, or prowess. In this case, historians discuss if the city is named after a Celtic lord and should be translated as castle of the Celtic lord. In light of our interest in chemosensory research, we might be favoring the meaning City of Herbs.



Science in Würzburg: